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Lisieux House Recipes: Anna's Pizza Roll Up Lunch Box

Anna has really been getting into "meal prepping" which means she prepares all of her meals for the week early and organizes them ahead of time.

This recipe of pizza roll ups has become one of her favorites!


Add an apple, orange, or yogurt cup on the side for dessert

Add an extra layer of turkey, ham, or salami sliced deli meat to the roll up

Add a layer of caramelized onions to the wrap

Spread ricotta cheese on the tortilla in place of pesto (option drizzle pesto on the ricotta and have both!)

Add a few banana pepper rings inside the roll up

Pack a simple green salad on the side

There are an endless number of toppings you could add to your roll up, but just be careful with “chunky” ingredients that may make it hard to keep the roll up closed.

You can keep these lunch boxes in the refrigerator for 4-5 days. Longevity may vary depending on the conditions inside your refrigerator and freshness of your ingredients.


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