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What is Lisieux House?

Lisieux House is a group of young adult Catholic women seeking holiness. We strive to pray regularly and live our Christian faith as fully as possible in fellowship with our local parish, our neighborhood, and the greater church. In the midst of busy lives in a busy city, we hope to create a place of charity, prayer, discernment, and community by living the little way of St. Therese.

Founded in 2014 using the model of the lay young adult houses in Philadelphia, we seek to bring life to an old convent and, in doing so, sanctify our souls and the souls of those around us. If you are interested in moving to the Seattle area come and join us!




Alane Howard, Lisieux House Member

“I have been given the stability to deepen my prayer life, the opportunity for growth in self-knowledge and a sense of my life's mission. I've seen how being a part of a loving community can give you the courage to make leaps of faith in a God who is truly trustworthy.”


Fr. Cal Christenson, Pastor, St. Pius X Catholic Church

"I have found the Lisieux House to be a privileged place where young women can work on holiness within a loving Christian community and in doing so, more fully discover God's will in their lives."


Fr. David Engo, O.M.Cap., Diocese of Philadelphia, On young adult community houses

"The idea is to discern God's will and do it. By age 25 you are so beaten up by life that you need to rest and heal from that in order to move forward with a decision about your vocation."

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