Colorful Flowers

Meet the Little Flowers

Hello! We're the little flowers of the Lisieux House. We want to introduce ourselves so you can get to know us a little better. We're a welcoming household to all and want to connect with you spiritually and socially. 


Name: Anne-Marie

House member year: 2022

Favorite Saint: St. Anthony

Favorite Food: Vodka Cream Sauce Pasta

Hobbies: hiking, making dinner for friends, arranging flowers and listening to podcasts


Name: Sophia

House member year: 2022


Name: Ina

House member year: 2021

Favorite Saint: JP ll and Mary!

Favorite Food: Pasta and cookies 

Hobbies: Hiking, baking and studying for CPAs


Name: Kendra

House member year: 2021

Favorite Saint: St. Maria Goretti

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers

Favorite Hobbies: playing tennis with friends, roller skating, crocheting


Name: Hannah

House member year: 2020

Favorite prayer: Divine Mercy Chaplet

Favorite ice cream: Tillamook Vanilla Bean

Favorite musical: Les Misérables


Name: Kelci

House member year: 2019

Favorite Saint: St. Therese of Lisieux

Favorite food: Ice cream and Chicken pad thai

Favorite hobbies: hiking, watercolor, working out, writing letters and cooking

Little Flower Alumni


Name: Helen

House member year: 2020

Favorite Saint: Mama Mary and Joseph 


Favorite food: Seasonal fruits and kombucha


Favorite hobby: Anything outdoors!


Name: Anna

House member year: 2020

I love Bl. Chiara Badano...”For you Jesus, if you want it I want it too”.

I love rock climbing and Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati!!

I have a great love for the priesthood; and a lot of gratitude for their spiritual fatherhood.


Name: Erica

House member year: 2019

Favorite Saint: St. John Bosco

Favorite food: I love chocolate!

When not working, I love to read mystery novels and listen to podcasts. 


Name: Bridget

House member year: 2021

Favorite Saints: St Therese; St Teresa of Avila; St Teresa of Benedicta

Favorite foods: I sadly have many food sensitivities, but veggies and chicken make my body happy

In my free time you can find me,  singing and playing guitar or ukulele, reading a novel, working out, searching for recipes I can actually eat, and taking beautiful photos of my friends


Name: Katherine

House member year: 2017

Katherine loves Chipotle and will be your best ride-along!

Listens to Prince on a weekly basis

Confirmation saint: St. Faustina


Name: Kylie

House member year: 2018

I've visited 49 of 50 states!


I'm the 2nd of 8 kids


Loves: Costco & Trader Joe’s