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Island Adventure

Set the scene: It’s Friday morning, Helen and I are eating breakfast.

“What are you up to this weekend Helen?”

“No plans really…”

“Wanna hang out?”

“Yeah! What should we do?”

“I don't know…I’ve always wanted to ride bikes around the San Juan Islands?”

“Let’s do it.”

And that’s the conversation that led to Helen and I waking up at 6:00am on a Saturday for a day trip to San Juan Island.

We started our adventure by driving to Anacortes, Washington to catch a ferry that would bring us to San Juan. Before we walked onto the ferry, we stopped at a restaurant for breakfast to go, and then ate our delicious eggs benedict and potatoes while cruising through the islands.

If you have never taken the ferry through the San Juan Islands, it is breathtaking. If you live in Washington and want to feel like you’re in another country for the day, this is the trip for you. While riding the ferry, you pass between rural islands covered in evergreen trees and surrounded by fresh blue water.

When we arrived at our destination we walked to a shop that we rented bikes from. We then biked 22 miles around the Island. Along our ride we had many adventures; we got lost at one point, we had our bicycle chains fall off multiple times, and we powered through some tough hills. Although it was challenging at some points, the views were magical. We passed by farms, coastal bluffs, and a beautiful beach where we chatted with friendly locals. I forgot to mention, it was raining this entire time, so we were pretty much the only tourists biking that day. We probably looked young and crazy.

After we finished our bike ride, we walked back into town and enjoyed some gourmet chocolates and a lovely dinner before hopping back on the ferry.

I am so grateful that Helen said yes to my crazy last minute adventure. It was a day both of us will look back on with good laughs and a happy heart. A day filled with beautiful nature, good food, and close friendship. Most importantly, I am so thankful for the Lord and how good He is to us. That He desires to reveal more of Himself to me through the people and creation around me.


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