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Bringing Beauty to Our Home

The women of Lisieux House have undertaken many endeavors to beautify our home in the past few months.

This summer, Kelci, Erica, and I each built raised bed gardens to grow various vegetables and flowers. Lisieux House favorites (determined by what we actually ended up eating) included tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and basil. It was a joyful journey, from planting the tiny seeds to harvesting the fruits of our labor. Working daily with the earth reminded us of our call to be stewards of this earth.

As the growing season came to a close with the coming of winter, we began taking on new projects for the house as well.

The ladies came together to clean and organize our storage room, unofficially kicking off our winter cleaning activities. We are all excited that we are taking noticeable steps to clean, organize, and restore our common home, and we are even more excited to share with all of you our progress in the coming newsletters!

The ladies worked together for several hours to clear the area, organize, and donate items that we no longer needed!


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